Ann Hartman

I continue to work as a Seminars Program Specialist at the East-West Center in Honolulu, where I have been since 2002. My main role is to coordinate short term professional development and exchange programs for younger leaders (aged 25-40) and for journalists from Asia Pacific and the United States. Like CIE, our programs are unique in that they bring participants from countries across the Asia Pacific region and from the United States together for collaborative learning through dialogue, seminar sessions and travel.


I just returned from a fascinating exploration of China's development challenges with a group of journalists representing the U.S., China, India, Nepal, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Japan. We spent 17 days in China, traveling to Beijing, Chongqing, Fuling, and Lijiang and meeting with government officials, students, business leaders, factory workers, farmers, villagers relocated by the Three Gorges Dam, migrant workers and many others for a diverse and complex picture of China's development.  Last year I had two equally interesting activities. I took another group of journalists to San Jose, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangalore and Chennai to gain perspectives on 'innovation offshoring and indigenous innovation' in the region and I had the opportunity to lead 16 emerging leaders from Asia Pacific and the U.S. on an enlightening program to study 21st education challenges in Asia, with visits to schools and universities in Honolulu, Hiroshima and Shanghai.


It's been an exciting year in which I have learned a lot about the Asia Pacific region not just from my travels but equally from the diverse participants in each program. In addition to work, I keep busy with my two children, Spencer (aged 2) and Maggie (aged 4). We live in Ewa Beach, Hawaii. Hawaii is a delightfully diverse place, with a wealth of opportunities to learn about Asian cultures as well as the traditions and language of the native Hawaiian people. [6-08]



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