Anita Nazareth

Anita Nazareth is a Singaporean who has lived in seven countries and worked in over 25 countries as an Education Planner and Training Specialist over a span of 35 years. Before coming to CIE in 1981 she earned a BSc (1976) and PGD Ed. (1978) from Singapore.  


Her first summer internship out of CIE in 1982 took her to the World Bank where she developed Education Planning spreadsheet models to project school enrollments, teacher supply and demand and learning materials supplies with capital and recurrent expenditures.  She stayed on at the World Bank for 9 years until 1991 when she took up a diplomatic post as Deputy-Director, Management and Training Services Department at the Commonwealth Secretariat, London, UK. (1991-96).


She then accompanied her husband on his Canadian diplomatic posting to Tokyo where she took a position as the Head of ESL Division of a Tokei University affiliated High School. (1997-98)


In 2001 the family was posted to Abu Dhabi where she worked as a Senior Education Planning Advisor for the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, UAE (2001-06) and worked on an Emirates-wide “IT for Schools” project to incorporate ICT in all subjects and grades. She introduced the ICDL (International Computer Driving License), a computer skills certification program as a required qualification for all teachers. In 2004 she facilitated project collaboration for the Singapore National Institute of Education to establish and operate a professional development institution – The Emirates College for Advanced Education based in Abu Dhabi.


Thereafter, she continued as a consultant and professional development trainer for the Singapore Education Consulting Group working on education policy and system revamp in Oman, The Emirates and Bahrain. She is also an affiliate of the Head Foundation, a Singapore-based Think Tank on Asian education, teacher development, and school culture. In 2105 she published a commentary with them entitled “What’s on Every Nation’s Mind”. Another example of her work includes a blog article “Learning through Multi-Sensory Interactive Instruction” on LimbicMedia.


Anita is currently an independent education consultant who is enjoying a new “hobby” of writing short stories and a novel about her family’s experience during their three-year posting in Chennai, India (2009-12). It’s turned out to be a never-ending project. [4-21]




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