I have been living in the Philippines since 2009 with my husband and our two daughters.  In September 2013 I completed my doctorate, having produced a dissertation entitled, “Preparing Visually-Impaired People in the Philippines for Mainstream Employment: The Impact of ICT Accessibility.”  I am an active board member of the Manila-based ATRIEV Computer School for the Blind, and have been assisting with a range of education, fund-raising and administrative concerns. 


In addition, I have been working as the Managing Director of Number Works’n Words Philippines, a supplemental math and English education program for kids from kindergarten to high school.  I also just wrapped up an editorship for a book project, “Project Mom: Our Natural Approach to Motherhood,” which will be released this December in the Philippines.  Looking ahead, I want to present and publish my dissertation research, as I would like to continue contributing to the scholarship and program development in the field. [11-13]


Email:  ayanghandy@gmail.com


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