Ana Eligia Murcia

After leaving CIE, Eligia worked for World Education in Kenya. In 1996-97 she worked for ACDI under a USAID contract during which she wrote a series of illustrated training manuals for the Agricultural Cooperative Finance Company in Honduras, The manuals focus on training members of cooperatives in a variety of areas, including marketing, finance, economics and record keeping.  (The last topic was the subject of a Technical Note which she published while at CIE which is still frequently downloaded today.)  Eligia also wrote an instructors manual (Downloads a pdf file) which she used to train trainers in the use of the other manuals.


She says she applied lessons learned at CIE as well as what she learned from her earlier work in Kenya to her work in Honduras.


For the last 20 years Eligia has been employed by the National Institutes for Health in Washington, D.C.  She worked with the Common Fund of the Office of Strategic Coordination where she helped managed the High-Risk, High-Reward research portfolio, as well as serving as a liaison with the research community about funding opportunities.  Eligia continues to work full-time at NIH and lives in Washington, D.C.  [4-21]




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