Amina Davlatshoeva

Since early 2015 Amina has been working as the Group Strategic Manager for Development, Research and Planning with the Infinity Holding Group in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  In that role she is charged with developing a road map for the company in Abu Dhabi and preparing them for EXPO 2021. She is responsible for developing E-commerce and Smart Applications with businesses and semi-government entities in UAE. She is also engaged as a core trainer on financial literacy and business startup activity with Qnet Ltd.


Like everywhere else, UAE has implemented strict rules limiting contacts and asking people to stay home.  She comments that ironically “when you ask people to come to work and perform their duties, they use the ‘sick excuse.’ Now when we ask people/staff to stay home, employees want to come to office.”


On a personal level she is active with the Digital Documentary Project: Silk Road Route and Digital Story Telling of Young adolescent young girls. [4-20]


Before joining the doctoral program at CIE she completed a master’s degree in Education at the Aga Khan University in Pakistan.  Her studies focused on planning and policy development for educational institutions and governments, and the management and growth of educational institutions, with an emphasis on education systems in Asia.


After finishing my Master’s degree, I found work in Afghanistan. From 2004 I worked with The Aga Khan Education Services in Afghanistan as an Education Program Coordinator for Tutorial Assistance Program which helped children needing assistance to improve their subject knowledge in three regions of Afghanistan. In 2005 I joined the “Learning for life” project, in Kabul as Technical Advisor to Bridging program in the instructional design department. The project was administered by CIE/UMass. ”Learning for life” was a health focused, accelerated adult literacy project that prepared women and older girls in rural areas of 12 provinces. [9-06]




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