Alan Hurwitz

Alan, a.k.a. Dr. Hurwitz, has continued his very eclectic OD practice, though at a slower pace than at most times during his checkered career - e.g. coaching et al with a Global Health project in Washington, helping to reinvent an environmental monitoring organization in the Adirondacks, helping a large Mexican magazine company turning itself into a full media operation, among others. He currently considers himself semi-retired, with the accent sometimes more on the "semi", and other times more on the "retired." He is definitely open to relevant consulting activities related to the Center's work.


He also continues his long term interest in photography - currently with an exhibit of people from different countries, entitled "Diverse People on a Shrinking Planet", at the Hall Gallery at the Jewish Community of Amherst. It includes several images from Northern Afghanistan that may be of special interest to Center folks. (right - taken in 1976)


He plays piano in occasional Dixieland gigs, and still makes his way around the tennis court reasonably, well with a congenial group, suffering from similar limitations. If there is ever a national tennis tournament, for over-seventies, with at least two joint replacements, and playing with their opposite hands (left in his case), he says, bet on him. 


Alan still lives at his quiet country digs in South Amherst, welcoming visits from old Center friends. There is a small permaculture project; should be lots of fruit for visitors next summer. [11-18]




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