Ahmad Khalid Mowahed

After graduating from CIE in 2009, Ahmad Khalid Mowahed returned to Afghanistan and his teaching position at Balkh University (BU). From 2010-2017, he taught undergraduate algebra and statistics courses for pre-service and in-service high school teachers in the Faculty of Education. His main area of interest is helping students to become effective mathematics teachers for today’s high schools. He also taught the Quantitative Methods course for master’s degree students in the Faculty of Economics at BU with the technical and financial support of USWDP, a USAID-funded project which CIE was part of.


In addition, he worked as a member and then as the director of BU Scientific Research Center (BUSRC). The main responsibility of the BUSRC was to help lecturers conduct high quality research by providing one-on-one consultations and capacity building workshops.


At the same time, due to limited financial support from MoHE, he and some colleagues took the initiative to establish a non-profit NGO called Afghan Educational Research and Scientific Support Organization (AERSSO). The organization received a grant from the US embassy in Kabul to develop the capacity of students and lecturers in research and teaching methods. It also offered TOEFL preparation classes to help students apply for scholarships. 


In the spring of 2017, he applied for a PhD program sponsored by the Chinese government and was admitted by the mathematics and statistics school of Southwest University (SWU), Chongqing, China. 


During 2017-2020, his PhD program of study and research focused on undergraduate mathematics education. He completed his courses and research in mathematics education, and in June 2020 defended his dissertation: “Undergraduate Afghan Students’ Understanding of Concepts in Elementary Group Theory”.


He will soon return to his teaching position in the Faculty of Education at Balkh University, Afghanistan where he will be teaching quantitative research methods to Master's degree students. He is committed to bringing positive changes to the programs at Balkh University. [6-20]


Email: khalid.mowahed@gmail.com


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