I am from Malawi where I graduated with a Bachelor of Education Degree in 1992 from the University of Malawi Chancellor College. My major was Physics with Mathematics as a minor. I taught physical science at secondary school level for six years before I got promoted to District Education officer in 1998. I came to UMASS CIE in 2001 under the Malawi project to do my masters in international education and simultaneously I got promoted in the same year to be District Education Manager.

Since then my interest has been focused on ways of improving the delivery of education services and linking that to the policies/practices. Now that I am back at CIE as a Doctoral student, I am interested in how different interventions can be formulated or improved to make teaching & learning effective. I also have an interest in how education research and evaluation can help assess education systems to come up appropriate interventions that can work more especially in Africa /Malawi. I feel that the poor pedagogical methods, shortage of teaching & learning materials, ineffective educational leadership and so many problems which some African schools face, are a result not just of mere poverty but inappropriate interventions coming out of inadequate research and evaluation.


Some of the questions at the back of my mind are: Why are the children in my country not learning effectively? Why are the things not happening as required? How can I contribute to improve my country’s educational practices and those of others? Where are the best interventions to employ? How are the policies/practices affecting the classroom practice?


I feel there is much to explore in our education systems to make things happen and educate our children if and only if we can apply the correct, appropriate and lasting solutions. It is not just about more money but right dosage.My challenge is therefore finding ways to arrive at the best options to use through research, policy analysis and evaluations of such educational systems/practices.


I believe CIE offers a great opportunity to look at the diversity of systems and meet people of all walks of life and learn from them. I see potential at CIE having so many international students coming from different educational systems. I look forward to a great time. Cheers! Zikomo Kwambiri (Thank you very much).


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