Affiliated Degree Programs International Education concentration is part of the Educational Policy, Research & Administration department in the College of Education. The concentration is home to students and faculty engaged in a wide variety of research and project work around the world in international development education. The International Education academic concentration is affiliated with the Center for International Education (CIE).


The degree programs in International Education provide educators with opportunities to study education – both formal and non-formal – in various countries and regions around the globe. Historically, the concentration has placed an emphasis on non-formal education; recent developments in the curriculum also focus on the formal sector with specific emphasis on education reform, teacher development, and capacity building with institutions of higher education. The programs of study also help to bring an international dimension to education in the United States. candidates develop competencies in areas such as theories of international education development; research methods; teacher education; education policy, planning & leadership; training; adult literacy and education; gender issues in development; and education in post-conflict settings.


CIE has a world-wide network of graduates and colleagues who work – or have worked – with on-going and previous projects.  This network is connected to current students and faculty. The composition of the international network is reflected in current students, approximately 60% of whom are international students. All of them have experience working in low-resource contexts while engaging in development work - in education, health, poverty reduction, or environmental preservation.


The academic programs and the applied programs of CIE are closely linked in order to assure a generative relationship between academic studies, research and the practical realities of international development work.


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