Abedrabu Abu Alyan

Abedrabu Abu Alyan is an assistant professor in the English department at the Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine. He teaches both BA and MA courses focusing on developing students’ oral communication skills and intercultural communicative competence. Besides teaching in the master’s program, he supervises graduate students and serves as both internal and external examiners with other supervisors.


Abedrabu was the deputy head of the English department for two years (2018-2020). In addition, he has published research papers and chapters related to the fields of EFL/ESL and intercultural communication in reputable publishing houses such as Rutledge and Multilingual Matters, along with other local and international journals.


During his study at UMass, Abedrabu was interested in integrating inter/cultural awareness and intercultural communicative competence in teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL).


Outside of work, Abedrabu enjoys practicing some hobbies with family and friends such as Ping-Pong, reading, sightseeing, and outdoor activities.[7-21]


Email: aabualyan@gmail.com


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