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"Shared Heritages Shared Futures"

CHS Conference Highlighted in May 2010 Issue of Museum International


The conference "Heritage in Conflict and Consensus" brought together an international group of scholars to discuss issues of contested heritage. Selected papers from the conference have been published in the May 2010 issue of Museum International. According to the editorial written by Museum International Editor-in-Chief Isabelle Vinson, "Without ignoring the problems linked to the destruction of heritage or its disregard due to neglect, the articles, through a series of case studies, focus rather on the political, cultural and historical factors that determine the choices behind its recognition, preservation and accessibility or, conversely, the pretexts for its rejection." The first group of papers, "Heritage From Conflict to Consensus," provides case studies of historical conflicts and the ways that these continue to effect present-day commemoration. The second group, "Diasporic and Religious Heritage in a Globalized World," focuses on human remains and diasporic heritage.

Papers from published in "Shared Heritages Shared Futures" Museum International May 2010

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  • Heritage in Conflict and Consensus: towards an international agenda for the twenty-first century Isabelle Vinson

  • Heritage From Conflict to Consensus Elizabeth Chilton and Neil Silberman

  • Promoting Understanding of Shared Heritage (PUSH) Elizabeth Ya'ari

  • Cultural Heritage and Conflict: the view from Europe Gabi Dolff-Bonekämper

  • Sites of Conscience: new approaches to conflicted memory Liz Sevcenko

  • Global Conversations Whitney Battle-Baptiste

  • Dealing with the Past: shared and contested narratives in 'post-conflict' Northern Ireland Leah Wing

  • Communities of Conflict: intersection of the global and the local in Cyprus Diane Barthel-Bouchier

  • Archaeological Heritage and the Turkish War of Independence in Central Lydia Christina Luke

  • Intangible Heritage and Community Identity in Post-Apartheid South Africa Karel Anthonie Bakker and Liana Műller

  • Conflict and Consensus in Great Barrington: remembering W. E. B. Du Bois Robert Paynter and David Glassberg

  • "Diasporic and Religious Heritage in a Globalized World" African Burial Ground Project: paradigm for cooperation? Michael L. Blakey

  • Jewish Graves in Europe: public commemoration or ritual space? Max Polonovski

  • A Conflict of Interest: a case study for community archaeology in Nunavut, Canadian Arctic Brendan Griebel

  • Approaching Montjuïc as Part of the Historic Legacy of Barcelona Laia Colomer

  • Three Graves of Mary Magdalene Bruce Chilton

  • Ironic Heritage: overcoming divisions between communities through shared laughter about the past Cornelius Holtorf

  • Does Diaspora Test the Limits of Stewardship? Stewardship and the ethics of care Andreas Pantazatos

  • Diaspora and Heritage: a perennial source of conflict H. Martin Wobst

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