Prospective Undergraduate Students

Considering Chemistry as a Major?

Chemistry offers a rigorous and practical major designed for inquisitive undergraduates who want a program that emphasizes content breadth and hands-on research. We offer Bachelor of Science (BS) and Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees. Admission to the major is through the Undergraduate Admissions Office. The BS is for students interested in pursuing either graduate school or a job in the chemical industries. The BA degree is appropriate for students whose core interest is chemistry, but have broader interest in other areas such as K-12 education, public health, and law enforcement.

All Chemistry majors have a faculty member as their academic advisor that they meet with at least twice a year to discuss academics, research, summer opportunities, and future plans. There are many opportunities to explore future career paths. We encourage students to join a research group as soon as possible, even as early as their first semester in college. We have a wide range of research in the department ranging from solar cell development to biochemical processes, drug delivery, and the fundamentals of nano-particle formation. As important contributors to the department’s research activities, students are regularly authors on peer-reviewed publications. During the summer, students are encouraged to either pursue jobs/internships in industries of interest or participate in a research experience for undergraduates (REU).

After graduation, many Chemistry majors decide to continue their education and go on to graduate or medical schools. Others find scientific careers at universities, government laboratories, biotechnology companies, the food industry, chemical/pharmaceutical companies, environmental safety, and clinical laboratories.

Chemistry may be a good fit if you enjoyed:

  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Physics

Career Options

A Chemistry degree prepares students for opportunities in a wide range of arenas including chemistry companies, drug development industries, the food industries, clinical laboratories, scientific equipment suppliers, the government, universities, medical laboratories, graduate school, medical, dental, pharmacy, optometry school, and more.

All questions regarding applications to the Chemistry Undergraduate Program should be directed to University Undergraduate Admissions