Laboratory Courses (FAQs)

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Chem 111-112 (general chemistry)

Chem 269 (organic chemistry) information on course Moodle page

Chem 267   Chem 268  (organic chemistry for majors) information on course Moodle page


Q: If I repeat Chem 111 / 112 / 121H / 122H, but I passed the laboratory component of the course the first time, do I need to take the laboratory component again for the repeat course?
A: If you received a grade of F for the course you must to retake the lab. If you received any other grade, and your lab grade was an 80 or higher, you should be entitled to a lab waiver

Q: Is it true that I can be refused permission to participate in a lab course experiment because I am wearing the wrong kind of shoes or clothes?
A: Yes. Proper attire, shoes, and eye protection are required by university safety regulations in chemical labs. An instructor or teaching assistant may insist that you leave the lab and not return until you are in compliance with these regulations. Most particularly, open-toed shoes of any sort are unsafe and unacceptable. Clothing should provide coverage of skin sufficient to avoid injury from unexpected splashes or contact with chemicals. Contact lenses may be permeable to chemical fumes, so prescription glasses are a preferred alternative to wearing contacts with full-fit goggles. Also, contact lenses are not allowed in the organic chemistry labs (Chem 267 / 268 / 269) for this reason.