Course Conflict (FAQs)

Q: I have a night exam conflict with another night exam. What should I do?
A: Students are entitled to a reasonable accommodation for a makeup exam. In case of a conflict between exams, look up the five-digit SPIRE numbers for both courses. The course with the higher last digit is obliged to offer you a make-up exam. Eg. Math 122 has SPIRE ID 12345 and Chem 112 has SPIRE ID 67890. A makeup exam must be offered by Math 122.

Q: I have a religious conflict with an evening exam or scheduled event. What should I do?
A: Students are entitled to a reasonable accommodation for a makeup exam.

State Law (Chapter 375, Acts of 1985), requires that the University excuse any student who is unable to attend classes or participate in any examination, study, or work requirement because of religious observance. Students have the right to make up examinations, study, or work requirements that they miss because of religious observance without any adverse or prejudicial effects. No fees may be charged to the student for the makeup exercise. The law also provides that such makeup work may not create an unreasonable burden upon the University.

Therefore, students have an obligation to inform their course instructors, in advance, of the days on which they may be absent for religious reasons. Students should inform their course instructors in writing of the days they will be absent as early in the semester as possible and always prior to the day(s) on which they will be absent for religious reasons. Instructors, if they feel that it is important for course planning, have the right to require students to provide a written list of such days within one full calendar week after students' enrollment in the course, provided that the instructors list this requirement and deadline on the course outline or other handouts.

In the event of a dispute between an instructor and a student in any course, either party should contact the Department Head or the Ombuds Office.

Q: I have a non-course conflict with a night exam, can I take a makeup?
A: No, only university-excused conflicts entitle the student to take a make up exam. Otherwise it is up to the instructor whether to do this. Asking for a makeup puts a heavy burden on the instructor to achieve fairness in grading relative to other students. Do not consider taking this lightly, and do not expect that a faculty member will be able or will feel obliged to honor makeup requests outside Academic Regulations:

Students are expected to attend all regularly scheduled classes at the University for which they are registered. In cases of illness, students are to explain their absences directly to their instructors. The grades of students who have met the requirements of the instructor in making up their work shall not be reduced for absence because of illness. Students are not to be penalized for official off-campus trips.

Students absent due to extenuating circumstances-including jury duty, military obligations, scheduled activities for other classes, the death of a family member, or verifiable health-related incapacity-remain responsible for meeting all class requirements. Faculty shall offer such students reasonable assistance in making up missed classes (i.e., making arrangements for attendance at labs or discussion sections which meet at other times; providing makeup exams or labs where feasible).

When scheduled events, such as athletic events, conflict with more than 20 percent of the scheduled meeting times of a course, the student is required to drop one or the other. When the overlap is less than 20 percent, the student may engage in both activities, but remains responsible for meeting all requirements of the course. In considering whether to grant an excuse for an absence caused by illness or other extenuating non-academic reasons, faculty have the right to require formal, written documentation, within the limits of the health care provider's policy. (See Excuses for Health Reasons, under Administrative Policies & Procedures.)