Course Override Petition

Before submitting a request be sure all options have been explored, such as other lecture, lab, or discussion sections for conflicting courses. Use the Scheduler Builder tool in Spire to generate non-conflicting schedules.

Due to the volume of students enrolled in General Chemistry and Organic courses, only unavoidable course conflicts with open chemistry sections and core sequence courses are considered for overrides. While Gen Eds, elective courses, work, research experience, club sports, instructor preference, and other personal reasons are important we are NOT able to assist with scheduling around those issues with the aim of reserving override spaces for students with unavoidable conflicts.

Requests are reviewed by the Undergraduate Program Office and/or course instructors, as necessitated by the situation. Overrides are limited to facility capacities.

Course Override Petition for CHEM 111, 112,  250, 261, or 262