Chemistry Poster Printing Guidelines

The chemistry department main office (Integrated Sciences Building, Room 341) houses a large-format printer that students within chemistry and affiliated programs can use to print research posters. To ensure the best results and timely turnaround, please adhere to the following guidelines.

Booking a time for printing

The current hours of operation and available times for printing can be viewed on the Chemistry Booking System. Please note that advance notice is required for all printing. Walk-ins or same-day requests unfortunately cannot be accommodated. Posters must be sent by email to @email as PDF files no fewer than two business days prior to the print booking. If you need a faster turnaround, you can try the campus library printing services.

File format and specifications

All posters must be provided in PDF format. When creating your PDF, please ensure that the page size is set to the actual size that you want your poster to be printed, to avoid issues with scaling. Make sure you retain access to the native file in case you need to re-export. If your poster contains university branding, then please ensure that it meets the requirements specified by campus marketing. Posters containing retired branding elements cannot be printed.

Printer model

The printer is an HP DesignJet Z5400.

Size and paper type

The maximum sheet width is 42″, with no restriction on the roll length. In other words, the shorter dimension can be no greater than 42″, while the longer dimension is unlimited. The most commonly stipulated poster dimension is 4′ width × 3′ height (48″ width × 36″ height), but make sure to verify this before you start creating your poster. All posters will be printed on HP Universal Instra-Dry Semi-gloss Photo Paper.



Size Price
36–42″ × 48–72″ $20.00
36–42″ × 72–144″ $40.00



Customers will need to provide a six-digit SpeedType number at the time of pickup in order to pay for posters.

Use policy

Only printing requests from members of the chemistry department community can be accommodated. The list of approved programs includes BMB, CBI, BTP, and iCons. Please do not request printing services on behalf of others. No printing outside of the College of Natural Sciences is allowed. This is a matter of University policy and cannot be negotiated by staff. Non-chemistry members are directed to the campus library printing services. No self-serve printing will be authorized. Please consult with staff in ISB 341 if you have any questions.

All posters must be requested using the Chemistry Booking System. Please book a 15-minute time slot for each poster. Do not book two posters in one time slot. The requester will need to provide a PDF version of the poster. If you anticipate that others will be requesting posters at the same time as you, then you should plan to give at least one weeks notice. Priority will always be given to those who are booked in the system—walk-ins cannot be guaranteed printing service. Reprints due to customer error will be charged.