Poster Printing

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Located in 341 ISB


Monday thru Friday, 10 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Please book 15 minute time slots for each poster, the latest time being 3:45. ****Please do not just walk in and expect a poster to be printed without a prior arrangement, as we may not be able to accommodate you. If you cannot make your scheduled printing time, please remove your entry from the booking system right away. To schedule a printing time use the Chemistry Booking system. If you are unable to use this booking system, please email If you are unable to find a printing time that works for you, the library has a poster printer. Please see their website for details at


Print size

36" or  42" by which ever length you choose. Average poster size is 3' x 4' (36" x 48"). The poster will be printed on HP Universal Instra-Dry Semi-gloss Photo Paper.


Chemistry Community:  36-42 x 48-72=$20 42 x >72=$40 **You will need a six digit speed type number at the time of pickup to pay for your poster. ***There is a reprinting charge of your poster if it is customer error.

File formats

PDF files are preferred to avoid unforseen changes to your poster. Please save or export your file as a PDF. To avoid delays in printing it is best to have both the native file format and a PDF version. When creating a PDF ***make sure your page size is the same as what size you want your poster to print out.*** You do this in the Page Setup/Advance menu.





CBI Students please use the following templates:


CBI Illustrator:

Click here to download the UMass logo and anything related to the visual identity of the university.

Use Policy

As of July 1, 2014 only printing requests from members of the Chemistry Department community will be accommodated-this includes BMB, CBI, BTP, and iCons. Please do not ask on behalf of others. No printing outside of the College of Natural Science is allowed. This is a matter of University policy. Please use the Library poster printing services. No self-serve printing will be authorized. Please check in the ISB 341 if you have any questions. To get a poster printed, please use the Chembooking system to sign up for a printing time. Please book 15 minute time slots per posters. Do not book two poster in one time slot. The requester will need to provide a PDF formatted file. If you are asking for a poster that is associated with a meeting for which you anticipate others will be requesting posters, then it is better to give at least one week notice. If a big rush of jobs comes in at any time, and it is not clear that all can be accommodated, those who are booked in the system will get preference over unscheduled walkins. We will commit to assisting those making requests to "fine-tune" their poster to satisfaction, where the fine-tuning is a matter of making the printer produce the desired output with acceptable quality. This means that the requester is expected not to make multiple requests for correction of errors or changes in content, without submitting a new request with consequent recharge. This is a matter of asking requesters to do their work on the computer to get what is desired **before** asking for printout.