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Building a Community of Dignity and Respect

The University of Massachusetts Amherst believes that a culturally diverse campus is integral to academic excellence and that our students, faculty, and staff should reflect the diverse world in which we live. Recognizing and valuing the wide range of voices and perspectives in all spheres of the academic enterprise, we are committed to policies that promote inclusiveness, social justice, and respect for all.

“Fostering an environment that protects intellectual exploration, advances mutual respect, and promotes inclusivity is critical to the mission of the university.” — Chancellor Kumble R. Subbaswamy

The UMass Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion supports these efforts with resources, events, campus climate initiatives, podcasts, and more.

Antiracism Resources - Books, podcasts, movies, and programs for adults and children.
Fight Hate - Our community must stand united in the face of hate.

Building Bridges is a campus initiative that seeks to draw on the power of solidarity and creative expression to bring people together across race, religion, class, immigration status, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, nationality and more.

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Megan Yee Awarded 2024 CRF Undergraduate Student Research Award

image of Three minute theses

Three Chemistry Graduate Students will compete in the Three Minute Thesis on March 1st

doctoral researcher Shanlong Li, lead author Yumeng Zhang and Jianhan Chen stand in front of a poster

Chen Lab Research Advances Molecular Modeling Of Biomolecular Condensates

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ACS President, Mary K. Carroll, has Ties to UMass Chemistry

The 2024 ACS President, Mary K. Carroll, was a postdoc in UMass Amherst Chemistry Prof. Julian Tyson's research group!! During her time in Julian’s group she developed low-cost spectroscopic instrumentation, suitable for undergraduate teaching experiments, to implement time-based measurements in flow injection analysis. In particular, she devised a way to measure the time interval (Δt) between the two peaks formed on the leading and trailing edges of a large volume of analyte solution injected into a single stream of colorimetric reagent under flow conditions for which Δt is directly proportional to the logarithm of the concentration (spectroscopy’s answer to the Nernst equation). She is lead author on three publications, including one in J. Chem. Educ., describing her work (,,

Full ACS article Mary K. Carroll wants to invite more people in.

headshot of Hongshan Bi

Hongshan Bi Awarded Marvin D. Rausch Fellowship

Hongshan Bi (Zhou’s Group) received the Marvin D. Rausch Fellowship award. Research: Electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) provides a unique strategy for carbon neutrality. However, the screening of efficient catalysts and the investigation of catalytic mechanisms face many challenges. In the Zhou Lab, these issues can be addressed through first-principles quantum mechanical simulations. We have designed a novel two-dimensional catalyst with dual copper atoms loaded on nitrogen-doped graphene. In the simulation process, we consider solvent effects, pH influences, and the impact of applied electrode voltage on reaction free energy. By systematically exploring the entire reaction pathway, we identify the most probable reaction pathways. Research result indicates that dual transition metal active sites play a crucial role in stabilizing reaction intermediates, ultimately guiding the production of the final product, methanol. This research work provides the community to gain a deeper understanding of the electrocatalytic mechanism of CO2RR.

photo of Prof. Vincent Rotello

Rotello Recognized as Highly Cited Researcher

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New NOBCChE Chapter at UMass Amherst

photo of Prof. Michelle Farkas

Farkas Named 2023-24 ADVANCE Faculty Fellow

photo of peter lillya

In Memoriam: Prof. Peter Lillya

photo of Min Chen

Chen Receives Manning/IALS Innovation Awards

photo of Rachid Skouta

Skouta Receives Manning/IALS Innovation Award