Sravan Surampudi

Sravan Surampudi
Senior Lecturer in Chemistry

241A ISB
(413) 545-4926

Chemical Education
MSc, 2005, Organic Chemistry, University of Pune; PhD, 2013, UMass Amherst; Postdoctoral fellow, 2013-2015, Johns Hopkins University
Principal Research Interests: 

I am interested in developing strategies that will create an active learning environment to help enhance the learning experience in traditional large lecture courses. I utilize audience response systems, media and live in-class demonstrations to incorporate current research and real-world applications of basic chemical principles. I believe my job as instructor is to ensure that students walk away from my courses with problem solving skills, critical thinking and grasp of the course material so that they can apply it to both future courses, and their everyday lives.

As a synthetic materials chemist, the primary focus of my research has been in developing novel pi and sigma conjugated molecules/materials for applications in optoelectronic devices.