Rotello Receives International Cope Scholar Award

headshot of chemistry Prof. Vincent Rotello

Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Vincent Rotello, has received the Cope Scholar Award from the American Chemical Society for his work using synthetic organic chemistry to engineer the interface between the synthetic and biological worlds. The award consists of $5,000, a certificate and a $40,000 unrestricted research grant.

Rotello’s lab spans the areas of devices, polymers and nanotechnology/bionanotechnology to build lego-like molecules at the nano scale that have important applications in health care and environmental delivery, imaging, diagnostics and nanotoxicology.

Rotello’s colleague, Jeffrey N. Johnston of Vanderbilt University, says “In his 25 years of independent research, Rotello has produced an incredibly diverse, innovative and influential body of research that brilliantly blends the atom-by-atom control afforded by synthesis and the rigor of physical organic chemistry. He uses these tools to address important questions and needs in materials and biology. His extremely imaginative program has produced a lasting impact and continues to evolve in new and fascinating directions.”