Rausch Seminar Series

PROFESSOR MARVIN RAUSCH was a devoted faculty member of the Department of Chemistry at UMass Amherst from 1963 to 2001. He was widely recognized for research in organometallic chemistry and authored or co-authored over 350 scientific articles and served on the editorial boards of several journals in this area of chemistry. Professor Rausch mentored over 40 PhD students during his tenure here, and his course in advanced laboratory methodology set a standard for the training of advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students. In addition to sponsoring this honorary seminar, he was also a generous donor to UMass Amherst’s Athletic program and gave part of his fantastic crystal and mineral collection to the Department of Geosciences. To see a sample of the collection go to www.geo.umass.edu/rauschmineralgallery/

The Marvin D. Rausch Lectureship in Organometallic Chemistry was established to provide support for a lecture series which will be presented by individuals with outstanding established reputations in any aspect of organometallic chemistry. In this context, organometallic chemistry is described as the chemistry of chemical components which possess a direct carbon-to-metal bond. Areas of potential expertise for the focus of the Marvin D. Rausch Lectureship in Organometallic Chemistry include synthesis, catalysis, structure, bonding, spectroscopy, applications, or related areas.

We are extremely grateful to the late Prof. Rausch and family for the endowment of this seminar series.

2023 Rausch Speaker
Professor Christine Thomas

Previous Rausch Speakers
Professor Gregory H. Robinson, 2022
Professor Karen I. Goldberg, 2021
Professor John F. Hartwig, 2019
Professor Eric Jacobsen, 2018
Professor Stephen L. Buchwald, 2017
Professor Wolfgang Herrmann, 2016
Professor Karl Wieghardt, 2015
Professor Tobin J. Marks, 2014
Professor Jerry L. Atwood, 2013
Professor Robert G. Bergman, 2012
Professor Thomas E. Bitterwolf, 2011