2021 Award Winners

Friday, April 30, 2021

Academic Awards

American Chemical Society (ACS) Hach Scholarships

  • Jacque Yee and Wyatt Mitchell

ACS Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry

  • Liam Murphy

CRC Press Chemistry Achievement Award

  • Owen Doyle, June Liu, and Marissa Romano

Edward Shapiro Fund

  • Justin Kieu, Terry Nguyen, Britta Swedin, Mason Tomko, and Nhu Tong

Jay A. Pirog Scholarship

  • Ryan Pham

John A. Chandler Memorial Scholarship

  • Jacque Yee

Michael Bruno Scholarship

  • Ryan Pham

Robert Maxwell Williams Memorial Scholarship

  • Angela Hinck and Joseph LaMarc

Royal Society of Chemistry Certificate of Excellence

  • Amelia Cochran

Thomas R. “Casey” Stengle Scholarship

  • Grace Rogers

Research Awards

ACS Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry

  • Garrett Miskell

ACS Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry

  • Ryan Thai

ACS Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry

  • Irina Biloiu

Chemistry Undergraduate Research Fund

  • Garrett Miskell

Dr. Uche Anyanwu Memorial Fund

  • Sage Clark, Ethan French, and Tristan Heck

J.F.B. Fund for Undergraduate Research

  • Wyatt Mitchell

Mahoney Undergraduate Summer Research Award

  • Zachary Danaceau

Mr. Tompkins Award

  • Amelia Cochran and Mason Tomko

Oliver Zajicek Memorial Scholarship Award 

  •  Zachary Danaceau

Professor Jack Ragle Endowed Fund in Chemistry

  • Timothy Yesepkin

Roger G. Bates Chemistry Fund

  • Owen Kuklinski

Sir Harold W. Kroto and Steve F.A. Acquah GEOSET Award

  • Jacque Yee

Tarselli Family Research Award

  •   Gabrielle Ho and Alanna Mahar

Departmental Awards

ACS-Connecticut Valley Section Student Award

  • Amelia Cochran

American Chemical Society Membership Awards

  •  Amelia Cochran and Ryan Thai

American Institute of Chemists Award

  • Tiernan Kennedy

Departmental Recognition Award

  • Tiernan Kennedy and Ryan Thai

Distinguished Undergraduate Instructor Award in Honor of Earl J. McWhorter and George R. Richason, Jr.

  • Bret Jackson

Distinguished Graduate Teaching Assistant Award in Honor of George R. Richason, Jr.

  • Nicholas Manganaro

Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Award in Honor of George R. Richason, Jr.

  • Ryan Thai

Positron Award

  • Amelia Cochran

Richard W. Fessenden Awards

  • Ryan Thai

Senior Class Award

  • Ryan Thai