Our Commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Massachusetts is committed to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion within our department, college, university, and community. We believe that a core tenet of diversity is respect for others. Recruiting and maintaining the most possible diverse group of students, staff, and faculty enhances our learning and working environment by bringing the broadest array of perspectives, talents, and ideas needed for solving complex problems. Whether in undergraduate classrooms, graduate research labs, or staff offices, we strive to foster a climate of equity and inclusion, and to take care and attention in addressing diversity issues.

We recognize that building and maintaining a truly equitable and inclusive department is continuous work. It requires regular dialogue among students, faculty, and staff—all members of our department—as well as focused effort and dedication. Together, we strive to build a culture that welcomes and encourages all voices in our department.

The Chemistry Equity and Diversity Committee meets regularly to address the mandate of the Department, College, and University as well as to discuss general issues. The Committee sponsors multiple events aimed at building bridges between people of all backgrounds. We encourage you to reach out to our Committee and/or avail yourselves of the many excellent opportunities and resources available both within our Department and elsewhere on campus.

Equity & Diversity Committee Members:
Michelle Farkas (faculty, chair)
Rick Metz (faculty)
Lynmarie Thompson (faculty)
Amanda Bennett (faculty/staff, advisory)
Allie Lopez-Swetland (staff)
Sparsh Makhaik (graduate student)
Kimberly Pereira (graduate student)
Will Phillips (grad student)
Hayley Norton (undergrad)
Pranav Viswanathan (undergrad)

To contact the committee, please email CHEM_EandD@umass.edu

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