ACF Competition


The University of Massachusetts is hosting a Team Competition sanctioned by ACF during the 16th Annual Chef Culinary Conference (CCC) June 10th and 11th. The competition is classified as a Category W Market Basket Competition for teams of four.

Culinary Competition

All teams will be provided with the necessary equipment for the competition. Each team will be required to prepare a three-course menu choice of appetizer/entree/dessert for 4 servings and one buffet platter for 10 servings plus one plated serving for the judges. Of the 4 servings to be prepared, 2 will be for the judges for tasting, one will be for a photo/critique/press and one for the team.

There will be a mandatory meeting on Thursday June 10th in the afternoon at 3:00 after going over the rules and order of the teams, the teams will be given the market basket containing a selection of materials. Each team will then have 40 minutes to submit a menu to the competition proctor and set up their speed racks. No substitutions of items in the basket may be made. Each team will be allowed three hours of cooking time (2 hours for plated and 1 hour for buffet) and a 30 minute plating window (15 minutes for plating and 15 minutes for critique). It is expected that all teams will be dressed in full professional chef's whites, including hat, apron, scarf; and kitchen towels during the competition, especially in consideration of the exposure to the trade and press that may be on-site to cover the competition.


ACF Gold medal (36-40 points)
ACF Silver medal (32-35.99 points)
ACF Bronze medal (28-31.99 points)