Program Schedule

Sunday June 6th

5:00-5:30 pm

Registration & Refreshments
11th Floor Campus Center, UMass

5:30-5:45 pm

Welcome and Introductions
11th Floor Campus Center, UMass
Speakers: Ashoke Ganguli (UMass), Ken Toong (UMass)

5:45-6:30 pm

General Session
Home Cooking: Inspiration for Campus Dining
Presenter: Ken Toong (UMass)
Inspiration from Southwest Kitchens
The Tingling and Tantalalizing Tostada

Simple hand held stacked snacks and the playfull flexible toppings
Presenter: Chef James Sanchez
Culinary Demonstration Inspiration from Thai Kitchens
Grapow is a Thai word for Holy Basil To Thais, this iconic dish is like a hamburger to Americans. It’s their most favorite dish to enjoy both at home and in restaurants. It is a simple stir-fried dish with chilies, garlic, Thai basil and a choice of protein. This dish will make the Thai category on campus a big hit.
Thai curries are known for their delicacy, lighter in texture and more flavorful and aromatic than any other curries. Mom Vilai Yenbamroong will share her well-focused, light handed technique in cooking a Thai curry that makes Talesai popular among Hollywood celebrities, and yet is very simple to execute on campus.
Presenter: Chef Vilai and Prakas Yenbamroong
Culinary Demonstration Traditional Korean, "From A Korean Garden To The Table"
If you were ever curious how to cook Korean, well here it is. Korean cuisine is considered “The New Hot Food Trend”. With its spicy, salty, acidic and sweet taste profiles what’s not to love? Korean cuisine, made with home grown produce, basic ingredients, and traditional techniques is sure to make an impact on your campus menus
Presenter: Chef Anthony Jung
Culinary Demonstration The Power of Lentils
The Power of Lentils
Presenter: Presenter: Chef Neela Paniz
Culinary Demonstration

6:30 pm

Opening Reception
10th Floor Campus Center
Tasting the Best of World Street Foods

7:00 pm

Reception Closes, Program Concludes for the Evening
Enjoy dinner on your own in the Pioneer Valley

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