Workplace Bullying – Information and Grievance Procedure

On December 13, the Committee on Workplace Climate and Bullying sponsored a half-day symposium on workplace bullying, which was attended by some 500 faculty and staff members. The symposium, which was the beginning of a comprehensive educational campaign aimed at increasing understanding of the problem of workplace bullying, minimizing its occurrence, and clarifying the responsibility of supervisors for ensuring a productive workplace in which all can contribute to their maximum potential, featured David Yamada and Fran Sepler, national experts on the topic, as well as Representative Ellen Story, District Attorney Sullivan, campus union leaders, and HR representatives.

Since that time, more than 5,000 faculty and staff members have attended mandatory workshops on workplace bullying conducted by Ms. Sepler. Additional workshops will be offered in the fall.

Information about workplace bullying, including the grievance procedure, can be found here: workplace bullying grievance procedure. For additional questions or concerns, please contact the Chancellor’s Office ( or 413-545-2211) or submit a grievance form to the Chancellor’s Office, 301 Whitmore Administration Building.

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