Phase III Unit Planning: Academic Year 2014–2015

In October 2012, a Joint Task Force on Strategic Oversight (JTFSO) was charged to "make recommendations to the chancellor with respect to a high-level strategic plan" to be submitted as part of the campus's fifth-year interim accreditation report of August 2013. The document that was produced, "Innovation and Impact: Renewing the Promise of the Public Research University," set an agenda for the campus and continues to serve as a guide for planning and implementation across the campus. During the 2013–2014 academic year, JTFSO built on the Phase I report by identifying initiatives that could be immediately or quickly implemented, and by fleshing out campus priorities and direction in order to create developmental plans to set the stage for unit planning in Phase III. 

With campus goals and directions clarified, departments and administrative units have been asked to assess their progress with respect to the campus's goals and articulate the contributions they plan to make going forward. In the fall of 2014, the schools, colleges, and departments drafted plans for Part I: Destination of Choice, focusing on undergraduate education. During the spring of 2015, departments developed plans for graduate education and research for Part II: Investment of Choice.

Phase III Documents:

Phase III: Final Report

Planning Prompts for Part I: Destination of Choice

Planning Prompts for Part II: Investment of Choice

Data tables for leaders and representatives of school, colleges, and departments (NetID login required)

 2015–2016 JTFSO Materials (PowerPoint presented 11-6-2015)