We are currently in the process of planning for our next comprehensive evaluation, which will take place October 21-24, 2018.

The following is a progress update on our preparation for the NEASC reaccreditation review. The self-study document is due in early September. Please note that these are working drafts for your information; the bulk of the necessary information is in place, and we are refining drafts of the various chapters. Much work will continue in the summer to edit for content, style and consistency. We will be following up with individual contributors to ensure that the information presented is accurate and current. We will also be adding an introduction, functional hotlinks, and numerous tables and appendices. The self-study is required to be no more than 100 pages and we must address all 184 sub-standards in nine broad standards established by NEASC, so we have had to be highly selective in choosing what is included.

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NEASC Standards

2018 Draft Self-Study - Complete Report

2018 Draft Self-Study – by Standard

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