Initial Results of the Campus Climate Survey

Dear Campus Community,

Fostering an environment that protects intellectual exploration, advances mutual respect, and promotes inclusivity is critical to the mission of the university. In support of this priority, our campus’s 2015 Diversity Strategic Plan identified improving the campus climate of inclusion as one of our major goals.

To meet this goal, it was essential that we establish a baseline measure of our campus climate since the last campus-wide assessment was done in 2001. To create this baseline measure, a campus-wide survey was conducted fall semester.

I asked each of you to participate in the survey and to respond candidly, sharing your personal experiences and observations related to issues of diversity, equity and inclusion on our campus. I am deeply gratified that the response rate was 41 percent.

While the full report of survey results is scheduled for release in fall 2017, an abridged report of the survey is available now following the link below this message.

In reviewing the results of the survey, you will note we are meeting our goals for inclusivity and equality in some areas. While we acknowledge these positive results, I invite the campus community to remain focused on those areas where we are not meeting our goals: addressing these challenges is a priority for our campus.

Thank you for working with me as we build a more inclusive campus environment.


Kumble R. Subbaswamy


Abridged Report of the Campus Climate Survey