Campus Planning and Resource Committee

The Campus Planning and Resource Committee (CPARC) provides ongoing leadership and oversight for the campus strategic planning process and the associated resource allocation system, which aligns resources with priorities, so as to ensure the effective integration of planning and budgeting. The Committee advises the Chancellor on issues related to ongoing strategic planning at the campus and unit levels, the identification of priorities emerging from planning, and the alignment of resources with those priorities, including ongoing evaluation of the annual planning and budget process.

The Committee will engage campus administrative leadership and faculty and student governance groups as appropriate, and will keep the campus community informed of its work and recommendations regarding organization of planning and budgeting. It will encourage community discussion and feedback, and provide regular reports and recommendations to the Faculty Senate, including a comprehensive annual report to the Faculty Senate in the spring semester.

Membership reflects shared governance and the joint responsibility among administration, faculty and students to maintain effective planning and resource allocation processes to support the campus’s ongoing improvement. Members and the chair(s) are appointed by the Chancellor in consultation with the Faculty Senate Rules Committee.

  • Secretary of the Faculty Senate or designee
  • Chair of the Faculty Senate Rules Committee or designee
  • Chair of the Academic Priorities Council or designee
  • Chair of the Program and Budget Council or designee
  • One graduate student appointed by the Graduate Student Senate
  • Two undergraduate students appointed by the Student Government Association
  • Four faculty members at large
  • Two Deans from colleges or schools with degree programs
  • Two other Deans (CHC, Graduate School, Library, Undergraduate Education)
  • Two Department Heads or Chairs
  • Associate Chancellor and Chief Planning Officer
  • Chief of Academic Finance and Administration
  • Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance or designee
  • Senior Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School or designee
  • Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education or designee
  • Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Life or designee
  • Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement or designee

The Committee may establish subcommittees or working groups from time to time, and such groups may include both Committee members and other members of the campus community. Such groups will advise the Committee consistent with their charges.

Consistent with Faculty Senate motion 31-16 (May 5, 2016), the Committee will assume certain responsibilities as successor to JTFSO and JTFRA:

  • Undertaking, through a subcommittee established for this purpose, input on and review of the implementation of the annual budget process, including preparation of the FY18 budget, with a view to ensuring that the resource allocation system serves the purposes of aligning resources with values and goals, transparency, and consultation, and with recommending adjustments as needed.
  • Fully integrating the work of the Joint Subcommittee on Administrative Costs and Services no later than the end of the Fall 2016 semester;
  •  Encouraging ongoing efforts to pursue campus-wide priorities, including, but not limited to, the campus’s Diversity Plan, plans for Internationalization, and an Outreach and Engagement Strategy.


CPARC Meeting Materials (Net ID login required)

2016-2017 Reports (presented to Faculty Senate on May 4, 2017):