About the Office

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is an innovative and dynamic place of learning with many working parts. As its chief executive, the role of chancellor demands leadership, collaboration, “big picture” thinking, attention to detail, and the ability to listen as well as respond to the needs of the community. 

Decision-making, institutional strategy, and planning for the university’s future are key functions of the chancellor’s office. Supported by administrators who ensure the office runs efficiently as the university's nerve center of leadership, governance, and advocacy, the chancellor connects with groups and individuals on and off campus to ensure collaborative outcomes.  

The role of chancellor is a storied position at UMass Amherst going back 160 years. Led by historians, scientists, librarians, lawyers, and farmers, the university has grown, transformed, and evolved into the top-ranked public institution it is today.

Full-Time Instructional Faculty
Public Research University in New England (Non-medical school R&D expenditures, FY21)
National Ranking Among Public Universities, Four-Year Graduation Rate