William T. Grant Foundation Announces New Research Focus

Dec. 23, 2015
For the past six years, the William T. Grant Foundation has invested over $14 million in studies on how research evidence on youth outcomes is acquired, understood, and used, as well as the circumstances that shape its use in decision making.  
Starting in 2016, the Foundation will shift its focus from understanding how and under what conditions research is used to understanding how to create those conditions. To that end, the Foundation invites proposals for the following:
1. Studies that identify or test actionable strategies to improve the use of existing research.
This includes descriptive studies that reveal the strategies, mechanisms, or conditions for improving research use. This also includes evaluations of deliberate efforts to increase routine and beneficial uses of research in deliberations and decisions that affect young people.
2. Teams to identify or test strategies for producing more useful research evidence.
This includes examining incentives, structures, and relationships that facilitate the production of research in ways that respond to decision makers' needs and optimize researchers', decision makers', and intermediaries' joint work to benefit youth.
3. Projects that test the assumption that using high quality research in particular ways improves decision making and youth outcomes.
To learn more about the William T. Grant Foundation's new research focus and how to apply, check out this recent blog post on its websiteThe next deadline to submit a letter of inquiry for research grants is May 5, 2015.
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