Civic Engagement & Public Service Certificate

Connect your major to work for social change.

CEPS Certificate Students

The Civic Engagement & Public Service (CEPS) certificate is an interdisciplinary program of study that prepares students for a life of community engagement for political and social change. CEPS combines theory and practical experiences in a coherent framework for students from any major. Students take six courses from a wide variety of choices from several departments. These courses explore distinct content areas: Social Justice, Political Theory, Public Policy, Organizing, and Diversity. Through CEPS courses, students explore the complex ideas inherent in civic engagement and public service in an effort to build a more just and peaceful world.


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Ellen Correa
Acting CEPS Certificate Coordinator


  • Connect your education/major to work in community settings that advocates for a more just society
  • Get hands-on experience connecting ideas and action
  • Explore a path to a career in the civic sphere, nonprofit sector, or politics
  • Receive academic credit and official recognition for public service done while at UMass