Big Brothers Big Sisters

Mentoring children to support their success.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

The Big Brothers Big Sisters program integrates a substantial commitment to community engagement with academic work—while mentoring a local child. Each participant agrees to be matched as a “Big” in a one-to-one mentoring relationship with a local child to provide positive adult interaction and gain mutual friendship and learning. Participants maintain that relationship over at least three semesters, spending significant time with their “Little” each week. The academic work of the course builds a context for the mentoring relationships—exploring relevant issues of youth development, impacts of race and class on social identity, and effective mentoring relationships.

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Ellen Correa
Senior Lecturer


  • Students will understand and apply theories that explain various elements of the relationships they are building with their mentees.
  • Students will critically examine their own assumptions and beliefs in order to better understand their interactions with their mentees and their mentees’ families.
  • Students will build skills for working in a variety of social service settings.