New CESL Website Launched

The office of Civic Engagement and Service-Learning at UMass Amherst is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website! After several months of hard work by University Relations, our new site is available at a new URL:

Our goal with the new website is to provide students, faculty and community members an easier way to learn about CESL’s programs and courses. The new website is interactive and is particularly geared towards students interested in making service-learning part of their academic experience at UMass. Current and prospective students will find useful information on the Program Page which highlights our core Service-Learning programs--each page is designed to provide short summaries of a specific program, identify learning outcomes and provide easy access to apply.

Amongst the new features, the site contains Featured Program and Featured Community Partner boxes on the home page. In addition, quotes from current and past CESL students on the home page link to student profiles. We will be updating our content with helpful information, articles, and announcements in the News section. The site also includes a page with Service-Learning course listing that is connected directly to SPIRE.

We are particularly excited about our Community Partner page which includes information on the many community organizations we collaborate with. In the months to come we will be developing profile pages for our partners so we can better tell the stories of reciprocity and relationship building that our students and community organizations are engaged in.

We hope you find that the new website has a fresh look, is accessible and easy to navigate. Thanks to the excellent CESL faculty and staff who devoted lots of time and energy to make this site what it is. If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please let us know.