CALL FOR PAPERS: The International Undergraduate Journal for Service-learning, Leadership and Social Change

The International Undergraduate Journal for Service-learning, Leadership and Social Change has a call for papers.

You can view the Journal at

The Journal is dedicated to providing undergraduate students a venue to discuss their service-learning projects and experiences.  The Journal considers three types of articles:

1) Articles that discuss the development of a service-learning project and the impact of the project on the community served;
2) Case study of a service-learning project;
3) Reflection on service-learning and development of personal leadership.

Each article will be reviewed by selected readers and the member of the editorial board.  Manuscripts should be typed double-spaced, excluding block quotations which should be typed single-spaced, and references.  To ensure anonymity, author’s names and affiliation should appear on a separate cover page.  Articles should not exceed 15 pages.  Authors should follow APA format.

The Journal accepts Book Reviews on service-learning and social change.  Book reviews should not exceed 2 pages and include Book Title, Author, and Publisher.
Submissions should be sent in Word format.  DO NOT HAVE HEADERS OR PAGE NUMBERING.

Submit by e-mail to:
   Ned Scott Laff                            Joyce Fields                   Professor of Child and Family Studies
                                                     Columbia College