Teaching Resources

An array of teaching resources from experienced CESL faculty members have been compiled by CESL including articles, suggested activities and ideas for assessment of student learning. 

Foundational Info
What Should Students Know Before Walking Through The Door Of The Community Organization?
Principles Of Best Practice In Service-Learning
Service-Learning: Building Relationships With Community Organizations
Service-Learning and Social Identity Resources
White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, Peggy McIntosh

Foundational Videos
Tania Mitchell on Why We Do Service-Learning, from her talk at the Valuing Engagement Summit, UMass Amherst, Fall 2013
Holyoke History: video featuring Community Organizer Carlos Vega

Digitally Available Books and Articles
CESL has created a custom web-based bibliography, on RefWorks, containing a wide array of Service-Learning resources available online. Anyone can view the bibliography but users will need a UMass library login in order to access the text of the books and articles listed. 

Anyone with a UMass login can access these resources:

CESL's RefWorks site is available here
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Streaming videos through the UMass WEB Dubois Library
Kanopy Streaming Video is a no-cost option with UMass login for films. The UMass library subscribes to this service which includes videos from Sut Jhally's Media Education Foundation and the DEFA Film Archive here at UMass. 

Other Resources

Class Action: Resources on class and intersectionality of class with race, religion and more.
So Just Famous Social Justice Speeches
Campus Compact website: Sample syllabi and other resources.