Previous Faculty Fellows

Previous Faculty Fellows

The following list of previous faculty fellows is ordered as Name, Department respectively for each member. 

2020-21 Faculty Fellows

Stephen Fernandez, College of Engineering: Office of Equity and Inclusion Program

Jeffery Kasper, Art

Karen Kurczynski, History of Art & Architecture

Ruthanne Paradise, Chemistry

Whitney Russell, Sociology

Julie M. Skogsbergh, UWW Adult Degree Completion Program/Interdisciplinary Studies

Paul Wolff, Environmental Conservation

Weiai Xu, Communication


2019-20 Faculty Fellows

Theresa Austin, Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies

Laura Ciolkowski, Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies

Jane Degenhardt, English

Stephanie Fetta, LLC

Aline Gubrium, Health Promotion & Policy

Toussaint & Losier, Afro-American Studies

Ide O Carrol, Sociology

Jana Silver, Art

Arturo Luis Valdez, Health Promotion & Policy

Terre Vandale, Arts Extension Service

Christopher White, Music & Dance


2018-19 Faculty Fellows

Dee Boyle-Clapp, Arts Extension Service

Chrystal George Mwangi, Educational Policy, Research, & Administration

Molly Christie Gonzalez, Dance

Keisha L. Green, Teacher Education & Curriculum Studies

Janis Greve Sr., English

Agustín Lao-Montes, Sociology

Cristiano A.Mazzei, LLC

Nicole Nemec, CHC

Jennifer L.Nye, History

TreaAndrea Russworm, English

Danielle Thomas, LLC

Erika Zekos, Architecture


2017-18 Faculty Fellows

Lucia Carvalho, College of Nursing

Tamara Drummond, Athletics

Julie Hemment, Anthropology

Moira Inghilleri, LLC/Comparative Literature

Elizabeth Krause, Anthropology

Judith Bruno LaBranche, Kinesiology

Rebecca Lorimer, English

Joel Saxe, Communication

Kristie Soares, Spanish/Portuguese

Shaheen Pasha, Journalism

Razvan Sibii, Journalism

Amilcar Shabazz, Afro-American Studies

Ashley Woodman, Psychological & Brain Sciences


2016 Faculty Fellows

David Bloniarz, Environmental Conservation

Cheryl Brooks, College of Engineering

Codi Carron, Aerospace Studies

Michael DiPasquale, Landscaper Architecture and Regional Planning

Jen Dolan, Public Health

Bogdan Prokopovych, Isenberg School of Management

Tom Schiff, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Elizabeth (Betsy) Schmidt, Center for Public Policy and Administration

Boone Shear, Student Activities

Lisa Troy, Nutrition


2015 Faculty Fellows

Judyie Al-Bilali, College of Humanities and Fine Arts: Department of Theater

Caryn Brause, College of Humanities and Fine Arts: Department of Architecture

Sherry Buskey, College of Humanities and Fine Arts: Department of Music

Richard Chu, College of Humanities and Fine Arts: Department of History

Lena Fletcher, College of Natural Sciences: Department of Environmental Conservation

Rick Harper, College of Natural Sciences: Department of Environmental Conservation

Rus Janis, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences: Department of Economics

Korina Jocson, College of Education: Department of Student Development

Amanda Marcotte, College of Education: Department of Student Development

Ezra Markowitz, College of Natural Sciences: Department of Environmental Conservation

Melody Slashinski, School of Public Health & Health Sciences: Community Health Education

The fellows were joined by Community Partnership Consultants: 

Wanda Givens, Community Partner Participant, Mason Square Health Task Force



2014 Faculty Fellows

Benita Barnes, Department: Education, ERPA

Darrel Ramsey-Musolf, Department: LARP

Meghan Armstrong, Department: LLC - Spanish & Portuguese

Lorraine Cordeiro, Department: Nutrition

Lindiwe Sibeko, Department: Nutrition

Florence Sullivan, Department: Teacher Education

Ana Muriel, Department: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Hari Balasubramanian, Department: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Sara Whitcomb, Department: Student Development

Marie C. Polizzi, Department: Language, Literacy, Culture

Jessica Johnson, Department:  History

Robert W. Maloy, Department: Teacher Education & History

Ruth-Ellen Verock-O'Loughlin, Department:Education & History


2013 Faculty Fellows

Allison Butler, Department: Communication

Kathy Davis, Department: Education

Martha Fuentes-Bautista, Department: Communication

Krista Harper, Department: Anthropology and the Center for Public Policy and Administration

MaryAnn Hogan, Department: Nursing

Laura Lovett, Department: History

Catherine Sands, Department: Stockbridge School of Agriculture

Bonnie Strickland, Department: Psychology


2012-2013 Faculty Fellows

Katie Campbell-Nelson, Department: Stockbridge School of Agriculture

Kirsten Helmer, Department: Teacher Education and Curriculum

Marky Jean-Pierre, Department: Teacher Education and Curriculum

Bernhard Leidner, Department: Psychology (Psychology of Peace and Violence Program)

Luis Marentes, Department: Languages, Literatures, and

Rebecca Ready, Department: Psychology

Jonathan Rosa, Department: Anthropology

Jen Sandler, Department: Anthropology


2011 Faculty Fellows

Jacqueline Mosselson, Education

Nat Turner, Education

Eve Vogel, Geosciences

Peter Kumble, Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning

Miliann Kang, Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies


2008-2009 Faculty Fellows

Shirley Mietlicki-Floyd, Public Health

David Buchanon, Public Health

Lisa Wexler, Public Health

Demetria Shabazz, Communication

Larry Zacharias, Management

Kim Sherman, Management

Kathleen Brown-Perez, CHC

Carol Soules, CHC

Gloria DiFulvio, CHC

John Gerber, Plant, Soil, and Insect Sciences

Glenn Caffery, Resource Economics


2007-2008 Faculty Fellows

Chris Overtree, Psychology

Rebecca Ready, Psychology

Amanda Walker-Johnson, Anthropology

Nicholas Bromell, English

Annemarie Heath, Nursing

Leda Cooks, Communication

Millie Thayer, Sociology

Nola Stephen, Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies


2006-2007 Faculty Fellows

Rebecca Ready, Psychology

Chris Overtree, Psychology

Carrie Chickering-Sears, Veterinary and Animal Sciences

Mark Huyler, Veterinary and Animal Sciences

Stephen Purdy, Veterinary and Animal Sciences

Nancy Kieser, Veterinary and Animal Sciences

Annemarie Heath, Nursing and Journalism

Norman Sims, Nursing and Journalism

Nicholas McBride, Nursing and Journalism

KerryAnn O’Meara, Educational Research, Policy, and Administration

Nicholas Bromell, English

Nicholas McBride, Journalism

Annemarie Heath, Nursing

John Brigham, Political Science

Sarah Marusek, Political Science

Amanda Walker-Johnson, Anthropology

Shakira Alvarez-Ferrer, CHC

Will Snyder, CHC

Leda Cooks, Communication

Millie Thayer, Sociology

Nola Stephen, Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies


2005-2006 Faculty Fellows

Glenn Caffery, Information Technology

Craig Nicolson, Information Technology

Mari Castañeda Paredes, Information Technology

Chris Overtree, Psychology

Joseph Krupczynski, Architecture and Design

Lynn Adler, Plant and Soil Science

David Glassberg, History

Stephen Jefferson, Sport Management

Sheranne Fairley, Sport Management

Mari Castañeda Paredes, Communication

Leda Cooks,Communication

Erica Scharrer, Communication

Alice Nash, History


2004-2005 Faculty Fellows

Joseph Krupczynski, Architecture and Design

Steven Brewer, Biology

Brooks Williams, CHC

Beverly Bell, Education 

Marjorie Magouirk Colbert, Education

Barbara Madeloni, Education

Ruth-Ellen Verock, Education

Glen Caffery, Information Technology

Jerry Schoen, Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning & The Environmental Institute

Suzanne Mente, Carrie Chickering-Sears, Veterinary and Animal Science & Extension

Mari Castañeda, Communication

Millie Thayer, Sociology

Julie Hemment, Anthropology


2003-2004 Faculty Fellows

Art Keene, Anthropology

Julie Hemment, Anthropology

H. Martin Wobst, Anthropology

Elizabeth Krause, Anthropology

Lynette Leidy Seivert, Anthropology

Jean Forward, Anthropology

Ventura Perez, Anthropology

Elizabeth Chilton, Anthropology

John Gerber, Plant and Soil Science

Sarah Poissant, Communication Disorders

Shelley Velleman, Communication Disorders

Flournoy Holland, English

Brenda Bushouse, Political Science

Dan Gerber, Public Health

Leda Cooks, Communications

Erica Scharrer, Communications


2002-2003 Faculty Fellows

Todd Crosset, Sport Studies

Greg Dabkowski, Polymer Science

Bryan Coughlin, Polymer Science

Maurianne Adams, Social Justice Education

Shelly Velleman, Communication Disorders

Sarah Poissant, Communication Disorders

Alice Nash, History

Marla Miller, History

Nola Stephen, Education


2001-2002 Faculty Fellows

William Diamond, Marketing

Easwar Iyer, Marketing

George Milne, Marketing

Vanitha Swaminathan, Marketing

Leda Cooks, Communication

Erica Scharrer, Communication

Anne Ciecko, Communication

Marian MacDonald, Psychology


2000-2001 Faculty Fellows

Peter d’Errico,  Legal Studies

Judith Holmes, Legal Studies

Todd Crosset, Sport Studies

Carol Barr, Sport Studies

Stephen Jefferson. Sport Studies


1999-2000 Faculty Fellows

Brenda Bushouse, Political Science

Anne Carter, Plant and Soil Science

Judy Flohr, HRTA

Jean Forward, Anthropology

Sally Habana Hafner, Education

James Hafner, Geosciences

Sara Ann McComb, Management

Carl Nightingale, History

Sandra Petersen, Biology

Karen Plotkin, Nursing

Joan Roche, Nursing


1998-1999 Faculty Fellows

Todd Crosset, Sport Studies

Daniel Gerber, Community Health Studies

David Glassberg, History

Julie Graham, Geosciences

Patricia McGirr, LARP

Russell Janis, Economics

Rajiv Kashyap, HRTA

Timothy Randhir, Forestry & Wildlife Mgt

Patricia Silver, Education

Susan Whitbourne, Psychology


1997-1998 Faculty Fellows

Stephen Arons, Legal Studies

David Buchanan, Community Health Studies 

Judith Davidov, English  

Ellen Pader, LARP

Cynthia Rosenberger, School of Education

Kandula Sastry, Physics & Astronomy

Roberta Uno, Theater

Bonnie Strickland, Psychology


1996-1997 Faculty Fellows

Arthur Keene, Anthropology

Guy Lanza, Environmental Sciences

Howard Peelle, Education  

Deidre Royster, Sociology

John Stoffolano, Entomology

Gordon Sutton, Sociology


1995-1996 Faculty Fellows

Micheline Asselin, Nursing

Robert Colbert, Education

William Diamond, Management

Leda Cooks, Communication

Harley Erdman, Theater        

Ralph Faulkingham, Anthropology

Maureen Groden, Nursing

Laurie Gullion, Sport Studies

Linda Lowry, HRTA       

Sonia Nieto, Education

Richard Stein, Chemistry


1994-1995 Faculty Fellows

Ann Ferguson, Philosophy

Atron Gentry, Education  

Eileen Hayes, Nursing

Eleanor Vanetzian, Nursing

Anne Herrington, English

Warren Schumacher, Consumer Studies

Paula Stamps, Community Health Studies

Martha Taunton, Art