Faculty Fellows Listing


2021-22 CESL Faculty Fellows

8 individuals have been selected by UMass Civic Engagement and Service-Learning as recipients of the 2021-22 Civic Engagement & Service-Learning (CESL) Faculty Fellowships.

The group represents 7 departments developing 8 new civic engagement or service-learning courses, integrating classroom learning with community-based learning. The CESL faculty fellows group meets monthly, over the course of the year, to discuss community engagement for social change, service-learning pedagogy, and to work collaboratively on course development. The CESL Faculty Fellowship is in its twenty-seventh year.

Maria José Botelho, Associate Professor

Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies

EDUC 378 Critical Survey of Children’s Literature  


Kelsey Whipple, Assistant Professor


JOURN 434 Advanced Podcasting


Kelly Klingler, Lecturer

Environmental Conservation

NRC 564 Wildlife Habitat Management


Tara Mandalaywala, Assistant Professor  

Psychological & Brain Sciences

PSYCH 591 Using Developmental Science to Understand and Combat Bias


Martin Hunter, Sr. Lecturer

Biomedical Engineering

BMED 414/415 Capstone Design I & II


Elizabeth Chang, Professor

Music & Dance

498, 698 Music & Community Engagement Practicum


Ayano Kataoka, Associate Professor

Music & Dance

498, 698 Music & Community Engagement Practicum


Jerry Levinsky, PT Instructor

Labor Studies/Sociology


Enrique (Henry) Suárez, Assistant Professor

Teacher Education & Curriculum Studies

EDUC 693F Teaching Social Justice: Equity & Justice in STEM Education