Boltwood Project Interview Night

September 12, 6:00pm to 8:00pm

The Boltwood Project is a civic engagement and student leadership program designed to provide enrichment, recreation and socialization for adults and children who are intellectually or physically challenged. The Project offers a 2-credit seminar for students that are part of the teams that organize weekly enrichment activities. In addition, a 4-credit leadership course is available for students who have completed exceptional service work in the seminar. Through seminar and classroom activities, and through the weekly sessions at a variety of service provider sites, students develop a deepened understanding of the challenges, opportunities and complex lives of people with disabilities.    

Any UMass undergraduate student is eligible to apply. An additional Boltwood Interview Night will be held on September 11. Applicants need only attend one Interview NightApplicants need only attend one Interview Night

Click here to learn more about The Boltwood Project.