Labor Management Workplace Education Program

Offering classes for frontline workers at UMass Amherst

Based at UMass Amherst, Labor Management Workplace Education Program (LMWEP) offers quality, innovative education and training to frontline workers—maintainers, cafeteria staff, secretaries, trades workers; professional, technical and support staff—at their workplaces.  LMWEP also works with businesses, departments, institutions, labor organizations, and municipalities to create customized worksite education programs to meet their needs.  Its mission is to inspire and support participatory worker learning within our University community, the Commonwealth, and beyond. 

ENGAGEMENT DETAILS:  Volunteers assist in weekly Workplace English, Spanish and computer courses and tutor in these subjects, developing reciprocal learning relationships with university employees.  Classes are mostly held in South College on campus. For more information and to apply:


Fran Fortino, Program Instructor and Volunteer Coordinator


303 Goodell Building, 140 Hicks Way, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst MA 01003