Boltwood Project Service Sites

The BOLTWOOD Project

Community Site Descriptions Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

Program: The Fun Club / Amherst Leisure Services

This group is filled with laughter and high energy!  The adults in this program have varying levels of mental and/or physical abilities and come together from the Amherst area.  The Volunteers in this group require the ability to interact with all types of people and be able to ‘let loose’ and fully enjoy having a good time!  This group participates in dance parties, talent shows, craft nights, and outings around the Amherst community.


Program: Los Amigos / Amherst Leisure Services

Los Amigos is a high energy, life-loving group.  The Participants are adults with different mental and/or physically challenging situations who live and work in the surrounding Amherst area; and, who eagerly anticipate their weekly meetings with BOLTWOOD!  This is a wonderful group to be a part of if you are outgoing and talkative.  Activities include crafts, game nights, sharing life experiences, and ventures out on the town.


Program: Mountain View

Mountain View is open to women who are interested in making close friendships. The participants are five awesome young women who love to hang out and just have girl’s night. We do a wide range of activities from craft nights to singing the night away. Cooking is also a huge hit in this house. Healthy eating and living is now a big part of the womens’ lives and learning new healthy (and yummy) recipes is always fun. The best part of this group is the great conversations, close friendships, and the laughter that rocks the house every Tuesday night. You’ll never leave without a smile on your face. Here you are not just a volunteer; you are a part of a family.

STUDENT SUPERVISOR:  Adrianna Disciullo

Program: Sunrise

The Sunrise group is perfect for those who enjoy arts and crafts as well as making different concoctions like playdoh, silly putty, and similar things like that. This all male group has men of varying degrees of mental/physical disabilities living in Amherst. During our evenings, the men love to paint and draw, but don't mind getting their hands a little dirty with some other crafts. Many times they enjoy just socializing and hanging out to let us get to know them better. Volunteers for this group should be high energy, and ability to have fun and joke around with our Participants!


Program:  Chestnut St.

This Boltwood group brings together about six friendly adults who are mentally and physically challenged and who live in a collection of group homes on Chestnut Street. There are a wide variety of ages, interests, and ability levels. The volunteers that visit 'Chestnut' provide a sense of consistency and friendship throughout the semester. Because it is a small group, there is a lot of opportunity for close group interaction and building relationships. Volunteers should have patience and a positive attitude! Participants enjoy conversation, crafts, Bingo -- and, really treasure the weekly visits. So do the volunteers!!! Participants really look forward to Tuesday nights! Our activities include music, crafts, and games. You’ll be smiling and building friendships every week! This is a great group for any fun-loving and easy-going volunteers!

STUDENT SUPERVISOR:  Joanna Ambeliotis

Program:  The Scouts

The Scouts are an active group of high-functioning individuals with various mental and physical disabilities. We try to keep the group physically engaged with light exercise and sporting activities. While we will occasionally work on creating healthy habits like healthy eating, we also play board games and get creative with arts and crafts. The troop partakes in many camping adventures during the semester, some of which we are invited (but not required) to attend. Working with the scouts requires a positive attitude, patience, and energy. If you're ready for a rewarding and challenging experience, come chat - I'd love to meet you!!


Program:  Farren Care (4 groups)

Farren Care located in Montague, MA is home to a group of friendly, lively and kind people who have both mental and physical challenges. The Residents are between the ages of forty and eighty and enjoy the company of the BOLTWOOD Volunteers. They love playing Bingo, answering trivia questions, and working on arts and craft projects with the Volunteers. Their favorite activity is forging friendships with Volunteers. If you are open-minded, energetic, talkative, and love great company then Farren Care is for you!


Stacey Chapley
Mariana Delmonte
Annecy Smith
Nicole Nadeau

Program: Berkshire Hills Music Academy (3 groups)

The Berkshire Hills Music Academy is a post-secondary school for college-age individuals with developmental disabilities, who have either a wonderful talent or strong passion for music – or both!  Most of the students at the Academy have Williams Syndrome, which is a disability associated with Autism, but individuals with Williams Syndrome tend to be more outward and talkative.  As UMass BOLTWOOD Volunteers, we visit the school once a week to spend time and have fun with the students.  Some examples of the activities that we do at the Academy include, arts and crafts, cooking, games, dance parties, and many more!  The friendships that are built at Berkshire Hills Music Academy are truly unique and will last forever.

Grace Dalton
Natalie Downey
Max Frank

Program: Spruce Hill

The Spruce Hill crew is an energetic bunch of participants with various physical and mental abilities. The women at Spruce Hill enjoy dancing, crafts, sports and they love snacks! Spruce Hill is an upbeat environment, the women always keep us on our toes, and give it to us straight- which makes for the best friendships. I’m looking for outgoing volunteers with positive attitudes, high energy and patience! If you’re interested in being a part of this semester’s rewarding adventure, I’d love to meet you!!


Program: Schiek’s Crew/ Center School

Schiek’s Crew works with kids ages 5-22 that have a wide range of disabilities. What sets this a part from other sites is that we work with youth while they are in a classroom setting and help them with their reading and writing skills, everyday life skills, partake in an agricultural program and gym time. 

STUDENT SUPERVISOR:  Olivia Wise        

Program:  Amherst Elementary - Wildwood

STUDENT SUPERVISOR: Scott Carpinella                                      

Program:  Amherst Elementary – Crocker Farm

STUDENT SUPERVISOR:  Richard Cavaliere                                        

Program:  Amherst Elementary – Fort River


All three sites work with elementary school students with and without disabilities in an inclusive after school model. Activities vary, ranging from arts and crafts, homework help, group activities, and fun games!

Program: Amherst Middle School – Best Buddies

Our Amherst Middle School Best Buddies site works to supplement an existing middle school Best Buddies program comprised of both students with disabilities and those without. The program runs as an afterschool club and provides an opportunity for students of varying abilities and students without to make connections and form friendships. We participate in and help facilitate group activities such as making snack, going to all school “open mic” together, playing board games, watching movies, arts and crafts, etc. We seek to facilitate an enjoyable social time where everyone can have fun with good friends!


Program:  Project Teammate (Newman Center)


Program: Morgan Elementary School, Holyoke


Program: Kellogg Street, Amherst Housing Authority
New site beginning September 2016