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Eligibility and Priority  | Student-Parent Enrollment Priorities  |  Enrollment Process

Eligibility and Priority

Enrollment is offered on a space available basis, in the order of date of application according to the enrollment priorities listed below. Families may apply for enrollment and be placed on the waiting list with a confirmed pregnancy. Need for tuition assistance is verified at the time of enrollment based on household size and income. When program enrollment is filled, applicants for enrollment are placed on a waiting list.

There are four categories of affiliation that are considered for enrollment eligibility. The child’s parent or legal guardian, or spouse/domestic partner of the parent or legal guardian must be a member of one of the following affiliation categories:

  1. University affiliated (undergraduate student, graduate student, or employee)
  2. UMass Amherst alumni
  3. Five College or U.S. Fish and Wildlife affiliated
  4. The community at large

Within the above affiliation categories, enrollment is prioritized in the following order:

  1. Sibling of currently enrolled children
  2. Previously enrolled child whose parent/guardian is on leave from university work or study, returning within six (6) months
  3. University undergraduate student, graduate student, and employees
  4. UMass Amherst alumni
  5. Five College students and employees and U.S. Fish and Wildlife employees
  6. Community at large

Student-Parent Families

Single student-parents and two student-parent families receive enrollment priority if they meet income eligibility. Offers of enrollment are made in order of the date of application. For current income guidelines to determine eligibility, please contact the Manager of Personnel and Enrollment.

Enrollment Process

Please contact the Manager of Personnel and Enrollment for detail on the current enrollment process while COVID protocols are in place.