About CEEC

Statement of Non-Discrimination


The Center for Early Education and Care is an innovative, high quality, developmentally appropriate early childhood program enabling a richly diverse population of university families to fulfill their academic and work responsibilities, while offering unique educational, research and employment opportunities for university students and faculty.


The Center for Early Education and Care is a nationally recognized early education program providing affordable high quality services for university families.  We provide children and families of diverse backgrounds a relationship-based, dynamic learning environment in an intentionally designed facility. Using Project Approach curriculum, children’s innate abilities and disposition to learn are cultivated as they develop the foundation of skills to be engaged life-long learners. We share our expertise in the field of early education with families and other educators and work collaboratively in an environment of value and respect. In partnership with campus colleagues, we contribute to student academic and experiential learning and faculty teaching and research. 


Child and Family Centered
We support each child’s development, build relationships with families, and develop the program to meet family needs.

We are inclusive of all individuals and families.

We interact in a civil manner which invites and welcomes varying perspectives and experiences. 

We create a safe and welcoming environment which offers support and affection for children, families, and one another.

Developmental Learning
We assess the learning stages of children, families, and staff to provide age and skill appropriate curriculum and resources to promote growth and development.

We intentionally build individual and collective relationships among children, staff, and families within the classrooms, the center, and the university.