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The following is a chronological list of the projects and sponsoring communities that CED has collaborated with in the last decade.

Schell Bridge Economic Impact Analysis and Planning Assistance to the Friends of Schell Bridge (PDF) Northfield, MA
Study of Springfield's Medical Industry Springfield, MA
Strathmore Mill Redevelopment Marketing Assistance (Website) Montague, MA
Economic Analysis of the 495-MetroWest Partnership Region (PDF) 495-MetroWest Corridor Region
IGERT: Offshore Wind Energy Engineering, Environmental Science, and Policy University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Changing Knowledge Requirements of the Massachusetts Workforce Statewide
Rural Entrepreneurship in New England New England
Feasibility Study for the Reuse of the UMass Gloucester Marine Station (PDF) Gloucester, MA
Innovation in Precision Manufacturing - New Technology to New Business University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Proposal Development for the Center for the Advancement of Building Systems Statewide
State of the Economy Study (PDF) Southern Vermont
Ludlow Mill Revitalization Project Ludlow, MA
Hardwick Mill Redevelopment Options Hardwick, MA
Springfield Technical Community College Incubator Economic Impact Assessment Springfield, MA
Holyoke Green High-Speed Computer Center Holyoke, MA
Pioneer Valley Economic Development Forum Western Massachusetts
Finding and Fostering Regional Economic Development Western Massachusetts Economic Development Council Western Massachusetts
An Economic Impact Analysis of the 2009 UMASS Indigenous Peoples Symposium/Community PowWow University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Assistance to the WestMass Development Corporation (WMDC) Western Massachusetts
An Analysis of Workforce Flows in the Maine Marine trades Cluster- Maine Department of Labor, Center for Workforce Information and Research (CWIR) Maine
Heritage tourism master plan Southbridge, MA
Site Feasibility study Billerica, MA
Green Strategy for Growth in Springfield: Urban Infill, Open Space, Recreational Trails in the City and the Mason Square Neighborhoods (CWIR) Springfield, MA
CEDS Plan for the US Virgin Islands US Virgin Islands
Feasibility Study for a combined wildlife and pedestrian passage across Route 2 Concord, MA
Economic Impact Assessment of Full Development at Devens Devens, MA
Assessment of Costs for Operation and Maintenance Services: Massachusetts Military Reservation / Otis Air National Guard Base Cape Cod
Church Closing Study for Western Massachusetts Western Massachusetts
National Urban Initiatives Conference Worcester, MA
Parking Study Middletown, MA
Economic Impact of Future Growth Study Worcester, MA
Support for Masterplan Easthampton, MA
Economic Development Program for the North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce North Central Massachusetts
Assistance to the WestMass Development Corporation (WMDC) Western Massachusetts
Industrial Park Site Assessment for Franklin County Franklin County Massachusetts
Holyoke Canalwalk: The Branding of a Place Holyoke, MA
Holyoke Canalwalk Integration Study Holyoke, MA
The Five Town Open Space Residential Development Bylaw Project Western Massachusetts
Feasibility Study for the Chicopee Business Park Environmental Education Center Chicopee, MA
Fiscal Implications of Planning and Development: Case Study of Clock Tower Place Maynard, MA
The Economic Impact of Housing Devens, MA
A review and assessment of Smart Growth Legislation in Massachusetts Statewide
MAPC Survey Assessment Metropolitan Boston
The Economic Impact of Community Colleges on Central Massachusetts Central Massachusetts
Re-use Study of the Lance Company Parcel Lee, MA
The Mariamante Parcel Study Gill, MA
The Warren Economic Development Plan Warren, MA
Study of Intersection Reconfiguration Impacts on the Haverhill Street Corridor Methuen, MA
Study to Determine Future Assignment of Clergy, Diocese of Springfield Springfield, MA
Fiscal Impact and Cost of Development Study Mansfield, MA
Economic Development Chapter of Master Plan, Mendon, Massachusetts Mendon, MA
Site Feasibility study for mixed-use development site Mendon, MA
Armory Closure and Relocation Study for the Massachusetts Army National Guard Statewide
Military Hotel Feasibility Study on Cape Cod for the Massachusetts National Guard Cape Cod
Employer Survey and Assessment of Economic Development Service Providers in the Greater Worcester Region for the Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission Greater Worcester Region
Master Planning Charette, Upton, Massachusetts Upton, MA
Master Planning Charette, North Attleboro, Massachusetts North Attleboro , MA
Island-wide attitude survey, Martha's Vineyard Planning Commission Town of Mendon Martha's Vineyard
Economic Development Chapter of Master Plan, Mendon, Massachusetts Mendon, MA
Mill Redevelopment in Rural Massachusetts Western Massachusetts
Industrial Cluster Studies for the Furniture and Film Sectors for Miami, Florida Miami, Florida
Economic Impact Assessment for the STCC Technology Park in Springfield, Massachusetts Springfield, MA
Finance and Investment Applications for Economic Development Statewide
The User Plant Review and Eight Point Action Plan, Erving, Massachusetts Erving, MA
Planning for Quality Economic Development in the Blackstone River Valley Blackstone River Valley
Identification and Evaluation of Potential Sites for Industrial Park Development in the Town of Southampton, MA Southampton, MA
A Search for the Most Exemplary Towns in Massachusetts Statewide
City of Attleboro Economic Development Organization Study Attleboro, MA
The Economic Impact of Housing Investment Through the Community Preservation Act in Boston Statewide
Economic Development Report for the Three Corner Region MA/CT/RI
Connecticut River Economic Development Administration’s Economic Adjustment Project Enfield, CT and Holyoke MA
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for Berkshire County, Massachusetts Berkshire County, MA
Springfield Waterfront: Opportunities for the 21st Century Springfield, MA
Erving Master Plan Erving, MA
Bridging the Digital Divide: Technology as an Economic Catalyst in Rural and Depressed Places in Massachusetts Lynn, MA
Guide to Green Planning and Regulation Practices in the SuAsCo Watershed SuAsCo Watershed Region
Erving Usher Plant Revitalization Plan Erving, MA
A View to a Mountain:  Easthampton Wires Project Easthampton, MA
Berkley Open Space and Recreation Plan Berkley, MA
Merrimack Valley Planning:  Regional Assets Study Merrimack Valley, MA
Townsend, Tools for a Master Plan Townsend, MA
Huntington—Moving Toward The Millennium With Open Space Huntington, MA
Laying the Groundwork: Preparing for a Master Plan in Deerfield, Massachusetts Deerfield, MA
The Challenges of Master Planning in Rural Towns Charlemont, MA
Providence Place: The Development of a Downtown Mall Providence, RI
A Build-Out Study of the Mid-Connecticut Valley of Massachusetts Mid-CT River Valley, Western MA
The Valley of Innovation—Springfield Biotechnology Springfield, MA
University of Massachusetts Housing Study The Economic Impact Component Statewide
Westhampton Business Development Westhampton, MA
Economic Sustainability Plan for Adams, Massachusetts Adams, MA
Housing Equity Analysis Final Report Statewide
Bringing A Focus To The Community:  A Comprehensive Plan For Town of Pelham Pelham, MA
The Revitalization of the Morningside Neighborhood Pittsfield, MA
A Critical Assessment of Master Plans within the Southeastern Regional Planning District of Mass. Southeast Massachusetts
New North Citizen's Council Facility Siting Project for Springfield, MA Springfield, MA
Town of Charlton - Rural Preservation Planning Study Charlton, MA
Economic Development Plan for the Town of Acton Acton, MA
Springfield Biotechnology Study Springfield, MA
The Economic Impact of Human Services Agencies on the Pioneer Valley Pioneer Valley, MA
Georgetown Planning Analysis and Alternatives Georgetown, MA
Valley Vision 2020 - Fiscal Impact Analysis for the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission Pioneer Valley, MA
Conference on Shaping Our Common Destiny: Town/Gown Relations and the Physical Implications of Econ. Dev. Amherst, MA
Chicopee River Watershed Study Chicopee, MA
Evaluating Main Street An Economic and Spatial Analysis Holden, MA
Creating A Strong Image for the Economic Enhancement of Downtown Ayer Ayer, MA
Looking at Market Square: Toward a Development Concept for Chicopee Center Chicopee, MA
Industrial Lands Survey Worcester, MA
Economic Development Strategies for the Urban Core Cities of the Pioneer Valley Region of Massachusetts Pioneer Valley, MA
Amherst Research Park - Study of Design Standards Amherst, MA
Space Inventory of Preliminary Marketing Recommendations for Gloucester, MA Gloucester, MA
Downtown Master Plan for Lee, MA Lee, MA
Buildout Assessment and Fiscal Impact Analysis for Mansfield, MA Mansfield, MA
Reconnecting Downtown Springfield to the CT River - A Visionary Proposal for an Urban Riverfront Ecology Park Springfield, MA
Planning Charrette Summary Report For Mansfield, MA Mansfield, MA
Pittsfield Conference Center - A Preliminary Feasibility Review Pittsfield, MA
Greater Franklin Area Trends Analysis Report Greater Franklin Area, MA
Marketing the Rutland Heights State Hospital Rutland, MA
The Results of the Visual Preference Survey Franklin, MA
Downtown Redevelopment in Northampton:  A Model for Revitalization? Northampton, MA
Berkshire County Commercial Corridor Market Analysis Berkshire County, MA
Economic Analysis: Downtown Marlborough, Massachusetts Marlborough, MA
Ware Recreation Plan Ware, MA
Reuse Potential of Six Industrial Mills for Easthampton, MA Easthampton, MA
Resource Inventory and Preliminary Marketing Strategy for Economic Development for Barre, MA Barre, MA
Buzzards Bay Aquarium for New Bedford, MA New Bedford, MA
Reuse Potential Industrial Mill Complexes for Springfield, MA Springfield, MA
Town of Whately Master Plan Whately, MA
Overall Economic Development Program for the Montachusett Region Montachusett Reg. Planning Agency
Overall Economic Development Program for the Milford Labor Market Area of Massachusetts Milford LMA, MA
Comparative Analysis of Fire, Police and Public Works Dept. for Pelham, MA Pelham, MA
Mill Reuse Potential: The Draper Mill Complex. Hopedale, MA Hopedale, MA
Business Matchmaking Feasibility Study - Just Find the Right Fit. Western MA Western Massachusetts
Proposed Relocation Feasibility of the Steamship Authority Terminal for Martha's Vineyard, MA Martha's Vineyard, MA
Inventory of Industrial Property — Franklin County, MA Franklin County, MA
Socio-Economic Profile: A Comparative Report. Holliston, MA Holliston, MA
Towards Restoration of the Urban Village - Proposals for Mason Square. Springfield, MA
Overall Economic Development Program for the Gardner Labor Market Area of Massachusetts Gardner Labor Market Area
Comparative Analysis of Competitive Advantage for Holyoke, MA Holyoke, MA
Mason Square Revitalization Study - Urban Village Potential. Springfield, MA Springfield, MA
Pelham Organizational Structure: Evaluation of Property Assessment and Tax Collection for Pelham, MA Pelham, MA
A Methodology for Determining Local Impacts of Defense Spending - A Case Study Westfield, MA
Capital Facilities Inventory and Assessment Study for Grafton, MA Grafton, MA
Overall Economic Development Program for Berkshire County, MA Berkshire County, MA
A Community Diagnostic From a Planning Perspective for Holyoke, MA Holyoke, MA
Municipal Economic Analysis: Forces that Drive the Local Economy. Southeast Reg. Planning and Econ. Dev. Districtt Southeast Massachusetts
Adaptive Reuse of Historic Mills in the Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor Uxbridge, MA
Marketing Western Mass. as a Tourism Destination for Interacting Travelers Western Mass
Impacts of Growth: A Buildout Analysis. New Salem, MA New Salem, MA
Using Water for Local Economic Development. Springfield, MA Springfield, MA
Industrial Feasibility Study: Three scattered sites. Springfield, MA Springfield, MA
Industrial Revitalization Plan - Liberty Taylor Corridor. Springfield, MA Springfield, MA
Springfield Business Retention and Visitation Program for Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce Springfield, MA
Range and River: An Open Space and Recreation Plan South Hadley, MA
Economic Development Policies Industrial Development Commissions. Commonwealth of MA Statewide
Reuse of the Waverly Mill: Potential for a Retail Outlet Center Adams, MA
Feasibility Assessment Study for Proposed Industrial Park Athol, MA
Highest and Best Use Analysis for Athol Industrial Mall Athol, MA
Corridor Study: Alvord Street Corridor South Hadley, MA
Design and Feasibility Study Affordable Housing Ware, MA
Corridor Study: Route 22 West and Palmer Road Ware, MA
Overall Economic Development Program and Annual Update for Rutland County, VT Rutland County, VT
Data Collection Analysis Master Plan for Orange, MA Orange, MA
Comprehensive Industrial Analysis: The Paper Industry Western MA
Site Feasibility Study: Liberty Street Industrial Park Springfield, MA
Economic Base Analysis: Yankee Atomic Electric Co. Rowe, MA
Economic Development Policies Evaluation Techniques for EDC Select MA communities
Massachusetts Enters the Global Age: A Service Export Initiative Western MA
Landuse Laws and Policies: Suitability of Industrial Lands Pioneer Valley, MA
Reuse and Feasibility Study: The Waverly Mill Complex Adams, MA
Site Feasibility Study: Cottage Street Industrial Site Springfield, MA
Landuse Laws and Policies: Model Biogenetics by Law Grafton, MA
Economic Development Policies: Overall Economic Development Program Fitchburg, MA
Landuse Planning Study: Impacts of Short Line Railroads Statewide
Landuse Laws and Policies: Impacts of Non-conforming Industrial Sites on Residential Neighborhoods in Select MA Cities Select MA Cities
The Revitalization Study: Main Street Returns for the Future Gardner, MA
Economic Development Policies: Zone Legislation. MA House Bill #5868 Statewide
Chapter 21E:  A Case For Regulatory Overhaul Commonwealth of Mass.
Impacts of Landuse Laws and Policies: Mass. State Superfund Program Commonwealth of MA
Landuse Laws and Policies: Route 146 Corridor Overlay District Millbury, MA
Affordable Housing Study - The Need for Worker Housing. Easthampton, MA


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