Proteins, Peptides & Antibodies

Thayumanavan group has developed a novel first-principle strategy to shrink-wrap proteins, protect them proteases, deliver to cells, and trigger the traceless of proteins in response to a specific intracellular trigger. Image shows the delivery of proteins to activate molecular homing in the nucleus (J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2017, 139, 5676).

Develop robust capabilities to deliver peptides, proteins, and antibodies to targeted cells and tissues. The team is tackling the challenge of protecting protein-based biologics from protease degradation and deliver them to targeted cells and tissues, and also to specific intracellular compartments. These approaches open up opportunities in “undruggable” targets such as targeting K-Ras and in enhancing the efficiencies of protein-based therapies such as in lysosomal storage diseases.

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Barbara Osborne, Veterinary & Animal Sciences
(413) 545-4882

S. Thai Thayumanavan, Chemistry
(413) 545-1313

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