V. Arun


Research areas include computer science areas, broadly described as distributed systems and networking. This includes cloud computing, mobile, wireless, and sensor systems, network security, Internet architecture, Internet-of-Things and applications of these technologies to real-world problems.

Current Research

My current research focuses on several projects in the areas listed above. A representative sample of active grant funded projects I am leading is as follows:

Light-Speed Networking: A research effort aimed at reducing network latencies
to speed-of-light limits in wireless edge networks so as to dramatically
improve ultra-low-latency-sensitive applications such as Augmented Reality,
Virtual Reality, Tactile Networking, etc.

Service Dispersability: A research effort developing a platform enabling online
service providers to massively geo-distribute their services in a manner
requiring little change to legacy applications.

Contextual Communication: A novel communication paradigm enabling agile and
targeted communication based on real-time changing attributes such as people's
geolocation, special needs, preferences, etc.

Hazardous weather warning: A project focusing on establishing a
pre-translational proof-of-concept of the contextual communication technology
for hazardous weather warning.

(5) Other
projects on Internet architecture, vehicular networks, etc.

Learn more at: https://people.cs.umass.edu/~arun

Academic Background

  • PhD, Computer Sciences, University of Texas at Austin

  • B.Tech, Computer Science & Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Publications are listed on the lab website below.
A representative publication with deep advances enhancing Internet-of-Things, mobile applications, emergency management applications, healthcare monitoring, etc. can be found here:
Contact Info

College of Information and Computer Sciences
Computer Science Building

140 Governors Drive

Amherst, MA 01003-9292

Office: (413)-545-3651 
Email: arun@cs.umass.edu
Web: http://ansr.cs.umass.edu/