John Burand


Research areas include the use of viruses as bionanoparticles for the delivery of biologically active materials including DNA, RNA and proteins.

Current Research
Viruses are natural bionanoparticles which have evolved to deliver their genomes to target cells. Using a baculovirus system in insect cells to produce and assemble virus capsids tagged biologically active molecules can be directed into the virion in place of the viral genome. This results in a non-infectious, bionanoparticle that can deliver its cargo to specific target cells.

The use of viruses as bionanoparticles has application to solving problems of pest and disease control in agriculture as well as in diseases control human and animal systems. We are currently developing this approach for the control of pests and diseases in bees as a proof of concept for this technology.

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Academic Background

  • BS Defiance College, 1972
  • MS Miami University, 1974
  • PhD Microbiology, Washington State University, 1979
  • Postdoctoral Training: Boyce Thompson Institute; Texas A&M University
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