Harry Bermudez

Associate Professor

Research areas include synthetic and natural biomimetic materials; self-assembly in solution and interfaces.

Current Research
Our general theme is to exploit various forms of self-assembly to achieve nanoscale materials with responsive properties, at the intersection of materials science and biotechnology. We have largely, though not exclusively, focused our attention on biopolymer systems composed of nucleic acids and/or polypeptides, to benefit from tunable interactions with unmatched precision. These and other well-defined macromolecules are the natural choices for studying self-assembly in solution or at interfaces, with obvious implications for sensors and drug/gene delivery.

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Academic Background

  • BS University of Massachusetts Amherst, 1998
  • PhD University of Pennsylvania, 2003
P. Charoenphol and H. Bermudez*. "Aptamer-targeted DNA nanostructures for therapeutic delivery.” Molecular Pharmaceutics, 11(5): 1721-1725, 2014.
A. P. Kourouklis, R. V. Lerum, and H. Bermudez*. "Cell adhesion mechanisms on laterally mobile polymer films.” Biomaterials, 35(17): 4827-4834, 2014.
P. Charoenphol and H. Bermudez*. "Design and Application of Multifunctional DNA Nanocarriers for Therapeutic Delivery.” Acta Biomaterialia, 10(4):1683-1691, 2014.
A. P. Hathorne and H. Bermudez*. "Effects of short elastin-like peptides on filamentous particles and their transition behavior.” Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 110(7):1822-1830 2013.
J.-W. Keum and H. Bermudez*. "DNA-based delivery vehicles: pH-controlled disassembly and cargo release.” Chemical Communications, 48(99):12118-12120, 2012.
Contact Info

Department of Polymer Science and Engineering
A-413 Conte Research Center
120 Governors Drive
Amherst, MA 01003

(413) 577-1413