Hang Xiao

Associate Professor

Research areas include food-grade nanoparticles, nutraceuticals, cancer, colon diseases, inflammation, oral administration.

Current Research

Epidemiological evidence has indicated that diet abundant in fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, and this effect has been attributed to bioactive components present in these foods. For example, it was estimated that one-third of cancer cases might be preventable by dietary modification.

My research is focused on identifying and characterizing potential disease preventive dietary components (nutraceuticals), elucidating their molecular mechanisms, investigating possible synergistic interactions among these dietary components, enhancing biological activities and bioavailability of dietary components by food processing and nanotechnology, with the long-term goal of developing diet-based strategies for the prevention of chronic diseases. A key focus of current research is on the interactions among dietary components, human body and gut microbiome in the context of health impacts. I am also working on the toxicology of food components such as certain food additives. The major approach of this research is the combination of chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and nanotechnology in cell cultures, animal models as well as human trials.

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Academic Background

  • B Eng Ocean University of China, Qingdao, P. R. China.
  • PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison
Yao, M.; McClements, D.J.; Zhao, F.; Craig, R.; Xiao, H.*, Controlling the gastrointestinal fate of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical-enriched lipid nanoparticles: From mixed micelles to chylomicrons. NanoImpact 2017, 5, 13-21.
Chen, J.; Li, F.; Li, Z.; McClements, D.; Xiao, H.*, Encapsulation of carotenoids in emulsion-based delivery systems: Enhancement of β-carotene water-dispersibility and chemical stability. Food Hydrocolloids 2017, 69, 49-55.
Yao, M.; McClements, D. J.; Xiao, H.*, Improving oral bioavailability of nutraceuticals by engineered nanoparticle-based delivery systems. Curr. Opin. Food Sci. 2015, 2, 14-19.
Yao, M.; Chen, J.; Zheng, J.; Song, M.; McClements, D. J.; Xiao, H.*, Enhanced lymphatic transport of bioactive lipids: cell culture study of polymethoxyflavone incorporation into chylomicrons. Food Funct. 2013, 4, (11), 1662-7.​
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(413) 545-2281