Where Do I Start?


 Be Open to New Experiences

• Join student organizations
• Play intramural sports
• Volunteer
• Consider all of your major and minor options
• Work at different part-time jobs to explore the kinds of work you like.
  (Avoid keeping just one focus or one summer job for years unless
  you are already certain of your career goals.)

• Do internships or co-ops
• Take part in a faculty research project.


Learn from Your Experiences

“I loved it!” — What did you love about it? What made it great? Find more of the same or try something slightly different to broaden your experience.

“It was OK.” — What would have made it better? What was missing? What parts did you like? Consider something different next time—an opportunity that includes the elements you enjoyed, and avoids those you didn’t.

“I hated it!” — What did you hate? What was missing? What didn’t “click”? Start fresh with a completely different experience, avoiding the negative elements of the last one.


Consider Your Next Step

Choose your next exploration by your reaction to the first. Career Services can help.
• Take advantage of our self-assessment tools.
• Research specific careers using our online resources.
• Interview professionals & alumni contacts about their fields.
• Make an appointment with a career advisor to discuss the possibilities and narrow your interests to find the right career direction for you.